About us

We, Tejaras Co., have been manufacturing, and exporting chemicals and petrochemical products from Iran since 2011 and have penetrated various markets in the world especially Middle East, Europe, Africa, CIS countries and Asia.

We also have a partner company in Dubai for our banking and documentation facilities in order to ease the business for our customers around the world.

With years of solid experience in Iran chemicals and petrochemicals market, we mainly manufacture and export Sodium Sulfide Flakes, Mono Ethylene Glycol, and Caustic Soda Flakes in our three discrete factories near Tehran, the capital of Iran.

We also trade and export some other chemicals such as Soda Ash, DEG, MPG, MEA, DEA, LABSA, SLES, LAB, and HAB from our top governmental manufacturing facilities in Iran.

Due to committing ourselves to “Top Quality Products”, “On-Time Delivery”, and “Fulfilling Commitments” as our top accents, we are the only Iranian chemical company already exporting our products to 3 continents of the world (Asia, Africa, Europe).


What can we do for you?


We have learned and are still learning through experience that how our services can bring improved results for our valued customers. Therefore, we welcome you for our mutual cooperation in order to assist you supplying your required chemicals, even hard-to-buy and hard-to-ship chemicals, from Iran for your esteemed company.

Supplying top quality product manufactured from highest quality raw materials with reasonable price, follow up and supervision of the cargo from the time of issuing the proforma invoice until delivering the goods to the final destination serve as the foundation of an excellent supplier.

Our capability of supplying various chemicals and petrochemical products on time and in the standard quality and due packaging allows our customers to expand their activity with us on long-term basis.

As a fundamental service, we have a wide network of contact and cooperation with the key logistics service providers both locally and internationally, and will manage all your chemical cargos with the most cost-effective charges possible to your final destination.


We invite all the traders, distributors and end-users to try us with our quality services and competitive prices.



For further information you can contact us at sales@chemicaliran.com and get response in less than 24 hours.