Calcium Hypochlorite

Packing: drums

Payment term: T/T


Calcium hypochlorite (Ca(ClO)2) is a solid in granular form which is widely marketed as chlorine powder or bleaching powder for water treatment and as a bleaching agent.

Granular calcium hypochlorite contains 65-70% w/w chlorine and is also supplied in lined drums. The granules are readily soluble and a concentrated hypochlorite solution is prepared and used in the same way as the powder. The stronger chlorine content of the granules means that 1.5 kg of the granules is sufficient to dose 1000 m3 of water at 1.0 mg Cl2 L-1.

The market demand for calcium hypochlorite has been on the rise owing to the increased health and sanitation consciousness of the general population post the epidemic outbreak of swine flu, avian flu, cholera, pertussis, common flu, West Nile virus and various other diseases over the past decade.

Despite its widespread use, calcium hypochlorite has market restraints in terms of health hazard. Inhalation or swallowing of the chemical is very dangerous and might be fatal for human.

North America is the largest consumer of calcium hypochlorite in the world with the U.S. accounting for more than 90% of the region’s consumption. Europe accounts for the second largest market share for the chemical, and Western European countries are the main consumers in the region. Asia Pacific region is one of the fastest growing markets for calcium hypochlorite. China is the major consumer of the chemical in Asia. Significant growth has also been witnessed in Middle East and South America as well.

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