Gasoil ( Diesel Fuel )

Origin: Iran

Packing: drums/isotanks

Payment term: cash/TT


Gasoil ( Diesel Fuel )

A middle distillate and form of heating oil, gasoil is primarily used in heating and air-conditioned systems.  Gas oil is one of the most actively traded oil products, and comes between fuel oil and the lighter products such as naphtha and gasoline. In its broader definition, it covers the oil products used for diesel automotive fuel and jet fuel.


Gas oil is also used in industries for various applications such as power generation or as a fuel in boilers, machinery and other applications is expected to fuel the demand for gas oil. Growth in disposable income along with increasing number of vehicle especially in the Asia Pacific is expected to upsurge the demand for the gasoil.

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Gasoil applications:


Construction: one of the main users of gasoil is the concentration sector, with excavators, generators, cranes, dumper trucks and lots of other machines and vehicles. The sheer number of uses in construction gives you an idea of how much fuel the typical construction site will use.


Farming: another common sector for using gas oil is farming. With farmers using many different machines and vehicles on a farm, these will mostly be powered by gasoil.


Smelting: gas oil is used to power the furnaces which melt the metals. These need lots of fuel to get the heat up to the required temperatures.


Data centers: gas oil is used for the backup generators in case there is power failure and want to avoid hard drives and computers shutting down.


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