Hydrogen Peroxide

Packing: 30 kg drums/ 220 kg drums/ 1 MT IBC tanks
Payment term: T/T


Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a strong oxidizing agent with the physical appearance of very pale blue liquid which appears colorless in a dilute solution, slightly more viscous than water.

Hydrogen peroxide is unstable, decomposing readily to oxygen and water with release of heat. Although nonflammable, it is a powerful oxidizing agent that can cause spontaneous combustion when it comes in contact with organic material.

The global market for Hydrogen peroxide is projected to reach 5.7 million MT by 2024, driven by the strong demand for chemical decontamination solutions for disinfection, sanitization and sterilization and the ensuing focus on vaporized hydrogen peroxide as an environmentally friendly decontamination solution. Asia-Pacific represents the largest and the fastest growing market worldwide with a CAGR of 6.0%. the growth in the region is led by factors such as worsening water scarcity issues and the ensuing focus on drinking water treatment; growing production of textiles and strong opportunities in textile bleaching; rising standards of living, growing consumer spending on sanitation products and new opportunities as a decontaminant in detergents and household laundry pre-wash products.

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Hydrogen peroxide applications:

Textile: Hydrogen peroxide is the prime bleaching agent in natural and synthetic fibers treatment, which include wool, linen, cotton, silk, and rayon. It gives the fibers a high degree of brightness while at the same time preserving their mechanical properties.

Pulp and paper: Hydrogen peroxide is used as a versatile bleaching agent especially in chemical pulp bleaching sequences. In mechanical pulp bleaching, it is used as the core-bleaching agent. In paper recycling plants, it finds its application as a de-inking agent.

Mining: Hydrogen peroxide is used as an oxygen source and as an oxidizing agent in mining industry. For instance, it is used in gold and uranium production processes in concentrates preparation and ore leaching.

Cosmetics and medicine: Hydrogen peroxide oxidizing property makes it suitable for use in the cosmetic and medical fields as a disinfectant and a bleaching agent. For instance, in cosmetics, it is used as an antimicrobial agent during oxidative hair dying while in medicine it increases the whiteness of teeth by oxygenating stains.

Chemical synthesis: In this field, hydrogen peroxide has found its use as an oxidizing agent. Hydrogen peroxide has a low molecular weight; it is thus a more efficient oxidizing agent than potassium permanganate or dichromate. It is solvable in several organic solvents including water and the substrate itself.

Other applications:

Electronics industry
Food processing
Aseptic packaging

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