Linear alkylbenzene (LAB)

Packing: flexy tanks/ bulk

Payment term: T/T, LC


Linear alkylbenzene (LAB) with the formula C6H5CnH2n+1 is mainly manufactured as intermediate in the production of surfactant, for use in detergent.

LAB (linear alkylbenzene) is also known as detergent alkylate, and is converted to linear alkylbenzene sulfate (LAS), which is mainly used as a surfactant in detergents and cleaning products. linear alkylbenzene is most commonly used as raw material in the production of biodegradable household detergents. It is mainly produced from n-paraffins, kerosene and benzene. A huge portion of linear alkyl benzene is converted to linear alkyl benzene sulfonate (LAS), which is an anionic surfactant used mainly in household laundry, cleaning products, and in some industrial applications. Alkylbenzene in small proportion is employed in the manufacture of ink, agricultural herbicides, paint industry, wetting agents and electric cable oil.

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