Di Ethylene Glycol ( DEG )

Di Ethylene Glycol ( DEG )

Origin: Iran

Packing: 230 KG HDPE/STEEL drums, 1 MT IBC tank, bulk in Flexitank


We are a leading supplier and exporter of Di Ethylene Glycol  (DEG) from our leading state-of-the-art governmental manufacturing facilities with high quality virgin grade and super special prices.


What is Diethylene glycol?

Diethylene glycol (HOCH2CH2)2O (DEG) is a colorless, actually odorless, and hygroscopic liquid which has sweetish taste. It is a four carbon dimer of ethylene glycol.

It is miscible in water, alcohol,  acetone, ether, and ethylene glycol.

DEG is a highly used solvent. In consumer products, it can be a contaminant and as a result numerous epidemics of poisoning can be occurred.

Being soluble both in water and in many organic compounds, makes DEG useful in industrial chemical. So, it is widely used in the production of polyester resins, polyurethanes, plasticizers & organic synthesis, personal care products, cryoprotectant, antifreeze, brake fluids, cosmetics, lubricants

As a solvent, It is highly used for resins, nitrocellulose, oils, dyes and other organic compounds.

Di ethylene Glycol Packing:

We pack Di ethylene glycol in new 230 kg NEW HDPE/STEEL drums. We can offer the drums in bulk or on pallets.

It is also possible to pack diethylene glycol orders in 1 MT IBC tanks and bulk in flexi tanks.

For our major customers that order on bulk basis, we are in position to design and print customized packaging upon customers’ requirements based on solo partnership contracts.



Our factories are located in Iran, The Middle East which is one of the hubs of logistics in the world. With fast cost-effective access to all land, sea and train routes to all destinations around the world, we can ship DEG to any destination in the world smoothly.

We can ship diethylene glycol to all Iran neighbor countries including Turkey, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, and Turkmenistan by truck within 1 working day.

We can also ship DEG to all European destinations like Romania, Greece, Serbia, Italy, Ukraine and Russia in less than 2 weeks by truck.

Also, diethylene glycol shipment to Asian countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, South Korea, and Sri Lanka will be in less than 20 days by vessel.

We can also ship DEG to east African countries like Tanzania, Kenya, South Africa and Uganda in less than 2 weeks by vessel.

Geographically, Asia-Pacific is the largest market for diethylene glycol. The region DEG market is expected to grow at the fastest rate., owing to the presence of large number of fibers and textile manufacturers in the region. additionally, the Asia-Pacific diethylene glycol market is driven by major textile producing countries such as India and China.

Payment Term:

As there are some banking restrictions for Iranian banks, it was not possible for us to receive the payments from our customers in our local banks. Therefore, we have appointed our trustee partner companies in Dubai and Turkey for our banking and documentation facilities. So, we can receive the payments in cash – T/T and in AED/EUR/USD currencies from our valuable customers around the world.

Tejaras Diethylene Glycol Advantages:

We believe that for judgement of any product quality, the best reference is customers’ feedback after consumption. We are pleased that all our European and African customers informed us that in comparison with Indian, Chinese, and Russian DEG manufacturers, our product has had better quality and purity.

Besides, as per our focus on export market and also economical freight charges we can offer due to our location in the Middle East, our final prices are more competitive and economical for our European, African, South American and CIS customers.

Another factor we can point out is our delivery and transit time. Considering our MEG production capacities, and also our logistics options, the delivery time for the farthest destinations will not be more than 3 weeks.

Diethylene Glycol Uses ( DEG Applications ):

Hygroscopicity: Di ethylene glycol is used Gas dehydration, Plasticizer for paper, composition cork, glues, adhesives, bookbinding and coatings

Lubricant: Glass-grinding aids, Fiber-finish component, Cement-grinding aids, Mold release agent

Solvent Coupler: Stabilizer for soluble oil dispersions, Compatibilizer for dye and printing ink components

Solvent: Aromatic and paraffinic hydrocarbon separations, Printing ink/paint pigments/dyes

Low Volatility: Binder for foundry sand-molding

Freezing Point Depression: DEG is also used in Latex paint antifreeze, Antifreeze, Deicing fluids, Heat transfer fluids, Drywall joint compound, Belt wetting agent

Chemical Intermediate: Di ethylene glycol is used in unsaturated polyester resin, Plasticizer intermediate for nitrocellulose lacquers, enamels and adhesives, Polyester polyols for urethane foam, Thermoplastic polyurethanes, Emulsifiers, Lubricants, Morpholine

Diethylene Glycol Analysis:



















Clear Liquid


Clear Liquid







Specific Gravity @ 20 ºC













Max. 15








ASTM D1209


Acidity (as acetic acid)


Max. 50


< 50






ASTM D1613




Min. 99.5












Max. 0.2












Max. 0.5












Max. 0.2









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