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Chemical Solutions for Anti-Freeze, Lubricants & Automotive

Chemical Iran offers cutting-edge chemical solutions for Antifreeze, Lubricants, and Automotive applications. Our products ensure optimal performance, durability, and protection for your vehicles and machinery. Explore our antifreeze chemical products including Ethanol Glycol Coolant for various industrial applications.


Trust Chemical Iran, a trusted antifreeze chemicals manufacturer, for top-quality, industry-leading chemical solutions that keep your engines running smoothly, even in extreme conditions.

Why Opt for Our Services

Choosing an antifreeze chemicals manufacturer ensures premium Anti-Freeze, Lubricants & Automotive solutions designed for optimal performance.

We are a reliable source and distributor of industrial chemical products, delivering excellent and punctual services to our esteemed clientele worldwide. Contact our experts to learn more about our products and place an order for Ethanol Glycol antifreeze for sale.

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