Sodium Bicarbonate – Feed Grade

Origin: Iran
25 kg bags
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Sodium Bicarbonate – Feed Grade: An essential additive for promoting digestive health and acid-base balance in animal feed formulations.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Feed Grade is a specialized form of sodium bicarbonate used in animal nutrition to improve digestive health and maintain acid-base balance. It is a white, crystalline powder with various advantages in livestock and poultry farming:

Sodium Bicarbonate – Feed Grade Advantage:

  1. pH Regulation: It helps maintain optimal pH levels in the digestive tracts of animals, enhancing nutrient absorption and overall health.
  2. Acid Buffering: Acts as an effective buffer against excess stomach acidity, reducing the risk of digestive disorders.
  3. Performance Boost: Promotes better feed efficiency and weight gain in livestock, leading to improved production outcomes.
  4. Electrolyte Balance: Assists in maintaining electrolyte balance, crucial for hydration and muscle function.
  5. Reduction of Heat Stress: Alleviates heat stress by reducing heat-induced acidosis in animals, especially in hot climates.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Feed Grade Uses:

  1. Enhancing digestive health in livestock and poultry.
  2. Improving feed efficiency and weight gain.
  3. Mitigating the effects of heat stress in animals.
  4. Supporting electrolyte balance and hydration.
  5. Enhancing nutrient absorption for better overall animal performance.

Sodium Bicarbonate – Feed Grade Specifications ( Sodium Bicarbonate – Feed Grade Analysis ):

RowAnalysisResultUnitRangeTest Method
1AppearanceConfirmWhite Powder4270
3Total Alkalinity99.69PercentMin 994270
4Sodium Carbonate0.07PercentMax 14270
5AmmoniacPass testPass test4270
6Insoluble in waterPass testPass test4270
7Moisture0.06PercentMax 0.254270
8pH 5%8.398.2-8.64270
9NaCl as CL107ppmMax 1504270
10Packaging & LabellingConfirm4270
11Ash insoluble in HCL0.09Percent4270
13Sodium bicarbonate99.69Percent4270
14AsLess than 2ppmMax 34270
15FeLess thanppmMax 54270
16Heavy Metal (as Pb)Less thanppmMax 54270
18PbLess thanppm4270
19CuLess thanppm4270
20CdLess thanppm4270
21HgLess thanppm4270

Mesh Size – Food Grade

Mesh NoPercent

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