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    Company Profile

    At Chemical Iran, we have been the leading chemical and petrochemical manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Iran since 2011. Our team has entered different markets across the world, including America, Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and CIS countries. To simplify our business for our customers worldwide, our partner companies in Dubai and Turkey handle all the documentation and banking facilities. 

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    Why Choose Us?

    Specialising in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting top-quality chemicals and petrochemicals from Iran with affordability.

    Top-quality Products

    We use the best quality raw materials to produce the highest quality and pure chemicals and petrochemicals to the traders, end-users and distributors.

    On-time Delivery

    We are proud of our capability of delivering different chemicals and petrochemical goods on time to the final destination.

    Fulfilling Commitments

    Our team is committed to providing top-quality chemical and petrochemical goods with guaranteed and on-time shipping safely.

    Affordable Pricing

    All our chemical and petrochemical goods are available at cost-effective rates without compromising quality.


    Specialising in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting top-quality chemicals and petrochemicals from Iran with affordability.

      Knowledge & FAQ

      Yes. In order to facilitate a hassle-free and cost-effective purchase for our customers, we usually sell our products on CIF / CIP (Incoterms 2020) basis, and deliver the goods at the final destination.

      We are a highly trusted supplier in our industry, backed by years of successful manufacturing experience and unwavering commitment to ethical business practices.

      Our operations and procedures are subject to audits as per agreed supply agreements. We proudly collaborate with renowned multinational partners, meeting their stringent trading and Iranian distribution requirements with excellence, consistently reviewed and approved.

      For some of our supplied products, we are an outsourced manufacturer and provide highest quality raw materials and produce the goods in the top factories under our direct supervision. For some other products, we supply the products from state-of the-art giant governmental manufacturing complexes.

      Our default packing is neutral, without any brand, country of origin, and manufacturer contact details. But, depending on the order quantity and required packing, we may be able to customize the packing labels as per customers requirements.

      To simplify our business for our customers worldwide, our trustee companies in Dubai and Turkey handle the documentation and banking facilities.
      Therefore, you can arrange the payment via T/T to our Turkish / Dubai company bank account. You can also deliver cash to those companies in Istanbul or Dubai.

      We will provide an authentication letter signed and stamped by Chemical Iran Co., certifying and taking full responsibility for the banking docs and due payments to our trustee companies in Turkey / Dubai.

      All the payment-related details will be sent to the customer only through our official email address.


      What our clients are saying

      Chemical Iran

      At Chemical Iran, we have been the leading chemical and petrochemical manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Iran since 2011. Our team has entered different markets across the world, including America, Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia the Middle East and CIS countries. To simplify our business for our customers worldwide, our partner companies in Dubai and Turkey handle all the documentation and banking facilities.

      At Chemical Iran, we manufacture,  and export specifically Caustic Soda Flakes, Sodium Sulfide Flakes and Mono Ethylene Glycol in our three different factories close to Tehran (the Capital of Iran). Of other chemicals and petrochemicals, we market and supply overseas DEG, TEG, MEA, DEA, TEA, soda ash light, soda ash dense, sodium bicarbonate (industrial, food and feed grade), paraffin wax, LABSA, ethyl acetate, methyl acetate from our best Iran governmental manufacturing facilities. 

      With us, you can rest assured about the quality of our chemical and petrochemical products and shipping. Our team strives to fulfil their commitments of on-time and safe delivery and supplying top-quality products. That’s why we are the leading Iranian chemical manufacturer and supplier to export our goods to four continents across the world, including America, Africa, Asia,and Europe.

      How We Can Help

      Being the leading chemical exporter and supplier, we have experience and knowledge about the current chemical and petrochemical market of Iran. For over a decade, we have been supplying the hard-to-buy and hard-to-ship chemicals you need. We have a wide contact network and cooperation with the top logistic suppliers locally and overseas.

      With us, you can expect the highest quality chemical and petrochemical goods since we use only the best quality raw materials. Our experts supervise and follow up on the cargo from start to finish, such as from issuing the proforma invoice to delivering the products to the final location, making us an excellent chemical supplier

      We take pride in our ability of on-time shipping of chemicals and petrochemicals with excellent packaging to ensure safe delivery. Our team can ship chemical and petrochemical products to any destination across the globe, like American, European, CIS, Asian, and African countries, within a short time using fast access to all routes, including lands, seas and train routes at economical freight charges. Besides, We guarantee to ship this chemical product within a day to neighbouring countries, such as Armenia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Pakistan, and Iraq, by truck.  

      Our Top Selling Products

      With our years of experience, we strive to trade and export only the highest quality chemical and petrochemical products. Here’s some we offer in our product range:

      Mono Ethylene Glycol (MEG)

      Mono Ethylene Glycol is a virtually odourless, colourless and slightly adhesive liquid, easily miscible with different compounds, including alcohol, water, aldehydes and other organic products. It’s the most chosen raw material in most industries, especially in the production of fibres, films, polyester resin and even other cases, such as MEG solvents, coolant agents, anti-corrosion material, MEG antifreeze, chemical intermediates and more. We supply and export MEG to the leading Mono Ethylene Glycol distributors worldwide on pallets or drums in bulk.

      Caustic soda flakes 99% ( sodium hydroxide )

      It’s an inorganic compound used in different industries as a raw material and strategic chemical. At Chemical Iran, we produce and export the highest quality caustic soda flakes with the best quality packaging, mainly used for refining alumina, producing pulp and paper, manufacturing textiles, making soaps and detergent and much more. While looking for caustic soda online and a reliable caustic soda manufacturer, count on us!

      Sodium Sulfide Yellow Flakes 60% 10 ppm

      We, Chemical Iran, are the top sodium sulphide supplier and have one of the top Sodium Sulphide manufacturing plants in the Middle East region by producing sodium sulphide yellow solid flakes 10 ppm (Na2S). Our products have better purity and quality. We offer our customers high-quality chemical and petrochemical goods with professional packaging and on-time shipping, mainly on demand in textile sectors for bleaching, leather industries for soaking and hair removing procedures, pulp and paper industries for Kraft process, chemical industries for production and more. 

      Tri Ethylene Glycol ( TEG )

      It’s a non-volatile liquid with no colour or odour. Tri Ethylene Glycol is in high demand and popular due to its fluid dehumidifying properties and hygroscopic qualities. It’s mainly used in oil and gas industries as TEG antifreeze, coolants, heat transfer fluids, absorbents, petroleum production procedures and so on. 

      Di Ethanol Amine ( DEA )

      We are the top Di Ethanol Amine (DEA) manufacturer and supplier in Iran, ensuring quality and purity. We welcome all the DEA distributors looking for bulk orders. Di Ethanol Amine is widely used in the formulation of soaps and surfactants in dishwashing, laundry, cosmetics and shampoo industry, lubricant production in the textile sectors, industrial gas purifications and as a corrosion inhibitor and metalworking fluid.

      Methyl Acetate

      We supply and export Methyl Acetate in bulk for distributors, traders and end-users to different industries, such as the perfume industry, cosmetics, artificial leather, and organic synthesis, and also used in paint, thinner and stripper production, cleaning supplies and cellulose acetate as a solvent. 

      Other Notable Products:

      Di Ethylene Glycol

      We are the leading exporter and supplier of Di Ethylene Glycol, ensuring top-quality purity grade at super special charges. It’s an odourless and colourless hygroscopic liquid with a sweetish taste and easy miscibility with water, acetone and alcohol. In different industries, this component is mostly used as a solvent to produce polyester resins, personal care products, cosmetics, lubricants and other organic compounds.

      Soda Ash

      It’s the trade name of sodium carbonate(Na₂CO₃). We are the leading soda ash dense distributor in Iran. We have experience in producing 1,000,000 metric tons of soda ash dense every year in various markets worldwide, especially Eastern Europe, CIS countries and Africa. It’s mostly used in glass production, automobile, residential and commercial industries alongside metal refining, steel making, ceramics and more. 

      Also, we supply the best quality soda ash light in bulk orders in the shortest possible time at affordable freight charges. It’s mainly used in the formulation of detergents and soaps, chemical production, water treatment and textile and dyeing. 


      It’s a synthetic surfactant with the largest volume but available at cost-effective prices. We offer LABSA in HDPE drums or in bulk. From the state-of-the-art governmental manufacturing facilities, we supply and export the highest quality and pure LABSA (Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid) at direct prices from our factories. 

      Paraffin Wax

      We are the most reliable paraffin wax supplier in Iran using our state-of-the-art refinery. So, you can rest assured about our top-quality semi-refined and fully-refined paraffin wax with minimal oil content used in different industries. We design and print packaging tailored to our major clients’ demands for their bulk orders.

      Sodium Bicarbonate

      While looking for top-quality Sodium Bicarbonate for the industrial grade, count on us. Being the top-rated supplier and exporter of this chemical compound, we ensure purity and quality. Its general applications are found in chemical synthesis, leather, fire extinguishers, leather, plastic moulding, etc. 

      Also, we supply Sodium Bicarbonate for food grade in bulk used as a raising agent in bread, cookies, cakes, biscuits, confectionery and jaggery. 

      You can bulk order Sodium Bicarbonate for feed grade to us as well. This chemical compound has also been used as feed material in livestock and dairy farming for animal nutrition purposes. 

      So, whether you are a trader, distributor or end-user, get connected with us and try our quality services at cost-effective rates! Also, contact us at for more details! We will be back to you within 24 hours!

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      We also have a partner company in Dubai for our banking and documentation facilities in order to ease the business for our customers around the world.


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