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Shipping Policy

The minimum order quantity for each order must be one full truck or one full container. The shipping costs, risks, insurance, and responsibilities shall be as per the INCOTERMS used on the company’s proforma invoice.

The Company undertakes to send by e-mail to the Buyer during 7 days since the moment of shipment of goods, the following documents:

  1. Commercial invoice
  2. Packing list
  3. Certificate of analysis on supplied party
  4. BL telex release

For deliveries at the final destination country as per the incoterms CIF, CIP, CFR, CPT, and DAP, the Company’s commitment for on-time delivery shall be the time of shipment from factory to the border / port of loading. International shipping companies’ departure schedules and their possible delays are out of our control.

Any changes after customer’s confirmation on any steps and/or shipping documents are at the customer’s own risk and responsibility which may cause charge/s.

As per the Company’s internal policies, we do not sell on EXW / FCA factory delivery basis.

We do not make any profit from the shipping process. This ensures our customers the satisfaction of receiving the most cost-effective rates possible.  We Make every effort to ensure your order arrives in perfect condition.


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