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Soda Ash Light

Origin: Iran
Packing: 50 kg bags – jumbo bags
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 full containers / trucks
Payment term: 100% in advance – T/T

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Soda Ash Light: A form of pure sodium carbonate used as a versatile industrial chemical in various applications, from detergent manufacturing to water treatment.

What is Soda Ash Light? Soda Ash Light, also known as sodium carbonate light, is a white, odorless powder with a wide range of industrial uses. It is produced by processing natural deposits of sodium carbonate or synthetically through the Solvay process. This chemical compound is a key ingredient in the production of detergents, paper, and chemicals. The versatile use of soda ash in dye, water treatment, textile manufacturing, and pH regulation is also crucial in various industries. Soda Ash Light (sodium carbonate) is recognized for its ability to neutralize acids and control alkalinity, making it an essential component in many industrial processes.

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Soda Ash Light Advantages:

  1. pH Regulation: Soda Ash Light is a cost-effective solution for adjusting and stabilizing pH levels in various processes.
  2. Water Softening: It effectively softens hard water by removing calcium and magnesium ions.
  3. Metallurgy: Used as a flux in metal alloys to enhance the viscosity and flow in casting for better mechanical properties in the final product.
  4. Detergent Production: Improves the cleaning power of detergents, enabling better stain removal.
  5. Pollution Control: Used in flue gas desulfurization and wastewater treatment to reduce environmental impact.

Soda Ash Light Uses:

  1. Metallurgy
  2. Detergent production (soda ash soap)
  3. Water softening
  4. Paper production
  5. Textile industry

Soda Ash (Light) Specifications [ Soda Ash (Light) Analysis ]:

No. Characteristics Range Result
1 Bulk Density (gr/cm³) 0.55 – 0.65 0.56
2 Alkalinity (as Na₂CO₃) % ≥99.2 99.41
3 Chloride in term of NaCl % ≤0.2 0.18
4 Iron Content (as Fe₂O₃) ≤0.002 0.0016
5 Insolubility in water % ≤0.1 0.05

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