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Mono Ethanol Amine (MEA)

Origin: Iran
200 KG HDPE Drum
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 full container / truck
Payment term: 100% in advance – T/T

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MEA is a versatile organic compound commonly used in industries for its properties as a corrosion inhibitor, solvent, and pH regulator.

What is Mono Ethanol Amine (MEA)?’: 

Mono Ethanol Amine (MEA), a clear, colorless liquid, is a vital chemical compound with various industrial applications. It belongs to the family of ethanolamines and consists of a primary amine group (-NH2) attached to a hydroxyethyl group (-OH). MEA is soluble in water and exhibits alkaline properties. Due to its unique chemical structure, it is utilized in diverse industries. MEA functions as a corrosion inhibitor, pH regulator, and gas sweetening agent in the oil and gas sector. In the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, it serves as a key ingredient. Additionally, MEA is employed in the manufacture of detergents, surfactants, and as a solvent in chemical processes. Its versatility and reactivity make it an essential compound in modern industrial chemistry.

Mono Ethanol Amine (MEA) Advantages’: 

Mono Ethanol Amine (MEA) offers numerous advantages across various industries, making it a valuable chemical compound:

  1. Corrosion Inhibition: MEA is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor, protecting metal surfaces from deterioration in industries such as oil and gas, where it helps extend the lifespan of equipment.
  2. pH Regulation: MEA’s alkaline properties make it a valuable pH regulator in processes where maintaining specific pH levels is crucial for optimal performance, such as water treatment and chemical manufacturing.
  3. Gas Sweetening: In the oil and gas sector, MEA is used for gas sweetening to remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and carbon dioxide (CO2) from natural gas streams, enhancing the quality and safety of the gas.
  4. Versatile Solvent: MEA serves as a versatile solvent in the synthesis of various chemicals, including detergents, surfactants, and pharmaceutical compounds, due to its excellent solubility properties.
  5. Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Applications: MEA is utilized in the formulation of personal care and pharmaceutical products, thanks to its compatibility with a wide range of ingredients and its ability to adjust pH levels, ensuring product stability and safety.

Overall, MEA’s adaptability and reactivity make it a crucial component in multiple industrial processes, contributing to improved efficiency and product quality.

Mono Ethanol Amine (MEA) Uses’:

  1. Corrosion Inhibition: MEA is employed as a corrosion inhibitor to protect metal surfaces in industries like oil and gas.
  2. pH Regulation: It is used as a pH regulator in various processes, including water treatment and chemical manufacturing.
  3. Gas Sweetening: MEA plays a crucial role in gas sweetening, removing H2S and CO2 from natural gas streams in the oil and gas sector.
  4. Solvent: MEA functions as a versatile solvent in the production of detergents, surfactants, and pharmaceuticals.
  5. Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical Formulations: MEA is a key ingredient in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals due to its compatibility and pH-adjusting capabilities.

Mono Ethanol Amine (MEA) Specifications [ Mono Ethanol Amine (MEA) Analysis ]:

Characteristic Test Method Unit Value
PURITY MA – 503 (GC) WT% 99 MIN.
WATER ASTM D – 1364 WT% 0.2 MAX.
COLOR Pt-Co Steel


ASTM D – 1209 _ 30 MAX.
HDPE Drum /

ISO tank

10 MAX.
SP. GR (20/20 °C) ASTM D – 891 _ 1.017 – 1.019


MA – 503 _ 61 – 62.5

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