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Soda Ash Dense

Origin: Iran
Packing: 50 kg bags – jumbo bags
Minimum Order Quantity: 5 full containers / trucks
Payment term: 100% in advance – T/T

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Soda Ash Dense is a versatile chemical compound used in various industries for applications such as water treatment, glass manufacturing, and as a pH regulator.

What is Soda Ash Dense?

Soda Ash Dense, also known as sodium carbonate or soda crystals, is a white, odorless, and alkaline powder derived from natural deposits of sodium carbonate minerals or produced through chemical processes. It is a crucial chemical compound with a wide range of industrial applications. In its purest form, Soda Ash Dense is a primary raw material in the production of glass, detergents, and various chemicals. It serves as an effective pH regulator in water treatment processes, helping to neutralize acidic substances. Additionally, it finds utility in metallurgy, pulp and paper manufacturing, and textile industries. Its ability to react with acids and generate carbon dioxide makes it valuable in several chemical reactions and as a cleaning agent in household and commercial products.

Soda Ash Dense Advantages: 

Soda Ash Dense offers several distinct advantages, making it an indispensable chemical compound in various industries.

  1. pH Regulation: It serves as an efficient pH regulator in water treatment processes, ensuring the neutralization of acidic substances and helping maintain water quality.
  2. Glass Manufacturing: Soda Ash Dense is a fundamental ingredient in glass production, contributing to the stability and clarity of glass products. It lowers the melting point of silica, facilitating the glass-melting process.
  3. Detergent Production: It plays a crucial role in the formulation of detergents and cleaning agents, enhancing their cleaning capabilities by softening water and improving detergent performance.
  4. Metallurgical Applications: In metallurgy, Soda Ash Dense is used for ore beneficiation, removing impurities, and adjusting the pH of solutions in various stages of metal extraction processes.
  5. Chemical Industry: It is employed in the synthesis of various chemicals and serves as a crucial component in the manufacturing of chemicals like sodium bicarbonate and sodium percarbonate.

Uses of Soda Ash Dense:

  1. Glass Manufacturing: Soda Ash Dense is a vital ingredient in glass production, where it reduces the melting point of silica, improving the glass’s clarity and stability.
  2. Water Treatment: It serves as a pH regulator in water treatment processes, helping neutralize acidic substances and ensuring the quality of drinking water and wastewater.
  3. Detergent Production: Soda Ash Dense enhances the cleaning power of detergents by softening water and enabling effective removal of dirt and stains.
  4. Metallurgy: In the metallurgical industry, it is used for ore beneficiation, as a flux to remove impurities, and for adjusting the pH of solutions during various stages of metal extraction.
  5. Chemical Manufacturing: Soda Ash Dense is a key component in the production of a wide range of chemicals, including sodium bicarbonate, sodium percarbonate, and various sodium-based compounds used in diverse industrial processes.

Soda Ash (Dense) Specifications [ Soda Ash (Dense) Analysis ]:

No. Characteristics Range Result
1 Bulk Density (gr/cm 0.85 – 1.1 0.98
2 Alkalinity (as Na₂CO₃) % ≥99.2 99.48
3 Chloride in term of NaCl % ≤0.2 0.17
4 Iron Content (as Fe₂O₃) ≤0.002 0.0017
5 Insolubility in water % ≤0.1 0.05

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