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5 Tips To Buy Caustic Soda

In a competitive world which there are hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of caustic soda, importers and end-users have a difficult job to consider all the important factors of a good purchase, and make the best choice. In this article, we want to share some useful information about the ways how an importer can make a better decision to buy caustic soda considering these tips:

1- Choose the right supplier:

Regardless of the fact that the supplier is a manufacturer or a trader, it should be able to give you the most competitive and smoothest services. Your right caustic soda supplier should be able to offer you reasonable rates, and deliver the cargo on the due time. Your caustic soda supplier should also be able to offer you smooth shipping services with economical rates. Sometimes, the goods’ price is ok, but the freight charge is deal breaker. So, your supplier should be reliable in the market and get the most competitive rates from the top key players in shipping industry of the country.

Last and most important point is that your supplier must be honest and fulfill all the commitments they promise.

For example, imagine you have invested a considerable amount to buy caustic soda, or have guaranteed to a tender contract to supply caustic soda for a private or governmental sector in your country. Your supplier gives you the proforma invoice, and promise to deliver the cargo within one week after they receive the payment from you. You pay the amount, but receive the cargo only after a delay of 20 days. In this way, no money or product quality can compensate for your credit loss in front of your local customers. So, a reliable and honest supplier should be the most important factor for you to buy caustic soda.

2- Don’t get carried away with unbelievable caustic soda prices:

It is always a nice dream to find a price which is below the range of market price, and make a huge profit. But, the English say “we are not that rich to buy cheap things.”

Sometimes you may face with unbelievable prices from a caustic soda manufacturer or trader. Good for you, congrats! But, before proceeding to pay and place the order, we highly recommend to check the below possibilities;

  • The cargo may have been kept at the warehouse for a long time. It may have lost the purity, or shape. You may pay for caustic soda flakes, but once you receive the cargo at your destination, you see that you have bought caustic soda lumps which are stuck to each other like a mass of stone-shape, and there are not any flakes!!
  • The manufacturer may use salt, low quality caustic soda lye and other impurities for producing caustic soda flakes in order to reduce their production costs. In this case, the specifications may not match your requirement at all.

Sometimes, a manufacturer or trader may offer those unbelievable prices to promote its product and brand, and the quality of the cargo may also be ok. But, it is necessary to check the cargo quality and specifications to prevent any risk for the amount you are going to pay to such supplier.

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3- Consider the supply capacity:

Basically, there are two types of caustic soda manufacturers; chlor-alkali plants and factories that buy caustic soda lye and make it flakes.

Most of those chlor-alkali plants have bigger production capacities. So, if you want to place bulk orders like 500 MT and above, and would like to receive the whole quantity in a short time, these factories can be your suitable choice.

The second type of manufacturers may have smaller production capacity, but they care about their customers more and seem to be more flexible about the price, quality, payment term and customer-care services comparing to those giant chlor-alkali plants in order to keep the relationship with their customers and make them satisfied to buy from them.

So, depending on your quantity requirement, you should note the production capacity and delivery time of the supplier you are going to buy from.

4- Try to buy caustic soda on CFR/CPT basis:

As a foreign customer located in another country thousands of miles away from the supplier’s location, it is very difficult to take the cargo on EXW or FOB basis, and arrange the shipment on your own. Especially, as there are some limitations for shipping from Iran, you may get confused which shipping company can do the job for your shipment, how you should arrange the shipping documentation, which port is better and closer to your final destination, which shipping line has shorter transit time for your destination, and etc. all these factors are fundamental in logistics in order to prevent any risk and control your import costs to buy caustic soda.

So, it is an important necessity to buy caustic soda from a supplier who is expert in international transportation, and can deliver the cargo to your destination in a smooth way with cost-effective rates.

5- Check the supplier’s accountability in the market:

Once the market gets booming for a specific product in a country, so many people may decide to rent a workshop and start producing that product. They may not have any professional experience in manufacturing that product. So, there are so many risks to buy from a new-established manufacturer.

Our suggestion is that regardless of the adverts and claims the new manufacturer may do, you should check its accountability in the market, its product quality and specification, and also check their packing quality before placing any order with them. Checking the details before paying any money will keep you on the safe side.

You can have a better choice to buy from a caustic soda supplier which has many years of experience in the same field in the local market and knows all the territory manufacturers in details, have strong buiness relationship with giant governmental  chlor-alkali plants and reliable caustic soda producing workshops. So, that supplier can keep your back, and arrange your caustic soda orders in the smoothest way on regular basis.

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