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Chemical Iran, as the leading exporter of caustic soda flakes and caustic soda liquid (lye) manufactured by top Iran governmental plants and petrochemical complexes, has had the honor to export caustic soda to 3 continents mentioning the major countries as Romania, Turkey, Vietnam, India, Kenya, South Africa, Armenia, Syria, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and Iraq.

Caustic soda flakes 98-99% ( sodium hydroxide ), is packed by highest quality 25 KG poly propylene bags with inner poly ethylene layer. The 25 KG bags can be palletized, or get packaged in big jumbo bags. Therefore, we can easily ship all the caustic soda cargoes with standard packing to any destination in the world.

Caustic soda liquid 48-50% ( caustic soda lye ) ( sodium hydroxide ), can be packed in HDPE drums or IBC tanks.

Iran used to be among importers of caustic soda flakes up to few years ago, but after launch of big local governmental plants, the local customers could experience the high quality of local caustic soda manufacturers, and they started buying the local product than the imported counterpart. This scenario expanded in the neighbor countries as well. The customers in some countries like Iraq and Kazakhstan could feel the better quality of Iranian caustic soda ( sodium hydroxide ) compared to Chinese caustic soda as well as much more competitive prices. Therefore, they decided to import caustic soda flakes from Iran.

High quality, on-time delivery, and competitive prices comparing to all major caustic soda manufacturers around the world have made us able to get our share in global export market of caustic soda.

As Chemical Iran has partner companies in Dubai Turkey and Hong Kong, we can totally support all our customers around the world. Payments are possible to be received in USD/EUR/AED/RMB by our offshore partner companies outside Iran. We are also in position to ship caustic soda flakes and caustic soda liquid cargoes to any destination in the world by vessel, truck and train.

Chemical Iran is well prepared to accept all caustic soda inquiries around the world, and invite all the importers and end-users of caustic soda to supply the highest quality caustic soda flakes and caustic soda lye manufactured in Iran with unique export services and economical competitive prices.

In order to get the latest prices of caustic soda flakes 98-99% and caustic soda lye 48-50%, you are kindly requested to send your detailed inquiry to sales(at)chemicaliran.com, and get the response in a short time from us.

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