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How to Purchase and Import Chemicals from Iran? (Barriers and Solutions)

With respect to be located in one of the most strategic regions in the world, having good access to major commercial ports, railway stations and land roads in the world, high quality of the manufactured chemical raw materials and petrochemical products, and competitive prices which can beat so many other manufacturers in the world, there are thousands of big and medium importers around the world especially in India, East Africa, South Asia, Europe and South America which are willing to buy chemicals and petrochemical products from Iran. But, they have worries that how can they purchase from Iran in a smooth way? And how can they receive their purchased products in a safe way?

The fact is that all the companies in the field of leather, textile, mining industries, metallurgy, agriculture, fertilizer manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, refinery, oil and gas, food production, metal refining, alumina refining, lubricant manufacturing, detergent manufacturing, cosmetics manufacturing, construction, water treatment, candle and match manufacturing, paint and dyes manufacturing can benefit from high quality Iran origin chemical raw materials with competitive prices, but how?

The first barrier for the customers is banking transactions: Almost all the major banks in the world refuse to do transactions with Iranian banks due to U.S. sanctions. Besides, almost none of Iranian manufacturers have any offshore company or bank account. So, as almost all Iranian chemicals manufacturers sell their products on EXW basis with the payment term of 100% cash in advance, it is impossible to buy from Iran on L/C, D/P, or any other credit basis.

How can Chemical Iran solve banking issues?

With accurate and exact study of the political and economical situation in the region, we decided to establish our strong partner company in Dubai. We arrange all our banking transactions and shipping documentation through our partner company outside Iran. Therefore, we are pleased to inform you that we can receive payments in EUR/USD/AED in our Dubai partner company without any limitation.

We export two types of products; A- our own manufactured products B- the products we supply from governmental factories.

With all governmental and private chemical and petrochemical complexes of Iran that we supply from, we set local contract through our local company national ID, with all the required terms and conditions of our local regulations. The arbitration of the contract will be Iran Judiciary Organization.

First of all, it has been almost a decade, we have been manufacturing, trading and exporting chemicals from Iran. So, not only we have deep knowledge of each factory one by one, but also we have strong business relationship with all our Iranian giant and top manufacturers. So, fortunately, with proven track record of export of tens of thousands of chemicals to 3 continents of the world, we have never had any unsolvable experiences with any of our partner manufacturers.

By the way, if any corruption or breach of contract happens by the manufacturer, we can easily make complaint and close their factory through our professional lawyers until they fulfill their commitments due on the contract. Therefore, our customers can be 100% assured that their payments will be totally safe with us. All of our customers can experience a smooth business with Iran through our company as their loyal partner.

The second barrier is shipping cargoes out of Iran: Firstly, almost all major shipping lines have stopped their services after re-imposed invaded U.S. sanctions of Iranian ports. Secondly, almost all Iranian chemical and petrochemical manufacturers and refineries sell their products on EXW factory basis in bulk, and it is very difficult for foreign customers to make their shipments out of Iran as it is almost impossible for them to communicate with local transportation and packaging/drumming companies in Iran.

How can Chemical Iran ship chemicals out of Iran?

Depending on the port of destination, all our sea shipments will be transhipment or cross-stuffed via Jebel Ali Port of UAE or ports of Turkey. So, we are pleased to inform you that we can deliver all your orders in any region in the world by vessel, train or truck through the fastest smoothest and most cost-effective routes.  

Shipping documents including commercial invoice, packing list, certificate of analysis, and certificate of origin will be issued on our beneficiary Dubai company letterhead.

We also have the ability to design and print customized packaging for our strong customers upon solo partnership contracts.

Chemical Iran manufactures, supplies and exports so many strategic chemicals and petrochemical products such as Caustic Soda Flakes 98-99%, Caustic Soda Lye 48-50%, Sodium Sulfide Yellow Flakes 60±2%Mono ethylene glycol (MEG)Paraffin wax (1-3%)(3-5%)(5-7%), and Mono ethanol amine.

It would be our honor to inform you that we can be your loyal chemical partner in Iran in order to fulfill all your chemicals and raw materials requirements, so that a dream of smooth business with Iran can come true for your esteemed company.

In order to get any further information about our products, please do not hesitate to send us an email: sales@chemicaliran.com

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