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Importance of High-quality Caustic Soda Flakes

Caustic soda, otherwise called as sodium hydroxide, is a very useful chemical used in many industrial processes. The quality of the caustic soda used for industrial purposes is very important. Why? Because it affects how well it works and how safe it is to use.

This is why you should know how to choose high-quality caustic soda for safety and to get good results.

What is this blog about?

This blog is a friendly guide that explains the importance of high-quality caustic soda, and how you can identify high-quality caustic soda.

The Importance of High-Quality Caustic Soda

Caustic soda(known as sodium hydroxide or lye) is a chemical used in many industries. This chemical is used in making paper, textiles, soap and more. If you want good results, you must use high-grade caustic soda.

High-quality caustic soda flakes have 99% of purity. What does that mean? That simply means there are fewer impurities mixed in. The benefits? Well,  caustic soda flakes 99% make it work better for industrial uses. For example, higher-purity caustic soda makes better soap with better texture and more lather. High-quality sodium hydroxide also helps ensure thorough and efficient oil refining in the petroleum industry.

High-quality caustic soda also causes less damage to equipment and for this, the equipment lasts longer. On the other hand, lower-grade caustic soda can have impurities that corrode or wear down machines. So, as a result, this low quality leads to costly repairs and downtime. 

When you use purest-quality caustic soda, it is also better for the environment since it produces less harmful waste. Lower-quality grades generate more waste that is harder to dispose of safely.

Let’s Understand the Properties of High-Quality Caustic Soda

Purity – High-quality caustic soda as mentioned above, has 99% of purity. This means there are very few impurities. It will work better with fewer impurities.

Appearance – When it comes to appearance, pure caustic soda appears as a white solid substance at room temperature. And, it can be dissolved in water or in the form of pellets, flakes, or powder. It should appear like there are no visible impurities.

Reactive – The great thing about high-grade caustic soda is that it reacts readily with acids to form salts and water. This reactivity makes it valuable in industry.

Highly Alkaline: High-grade caustic soda is a very strong base. And, when it when dissolved in water, it has a pH of 14. This alkalinity makes it useful for many applications.

Caustic Soda Flakes

Absorbs Moisture – Caustic soda absorbs moisture from the air easily. So, this chemical compound should be stored in sealed containers.

Solubility – Another interesting thing is, that caustic soda dissolves very easily in water. If it is in high-quality versions, then it will dissolve fully without leaving residue.

Testing Caustic Soda Quality

When you look for high-quality caustic soda for sale, there are different ways to test its true quality.

First, look at it. As mentioned above, high-quality caustic soda should appear as a white solid and there should not be any impurities.

Do titration tests, if possible. This measures the exact concentration of caustic soda in water.

Don’t forget to check conductivity. Remember, higher-purity caustic soda flakes will conduct electricity better.

Another thing to do is to use spectroscopy. This can detect small impurities that other tests may miss.

Next, comes the test performance. See how well it works for processes like soap making.

Also, you can measure the pH level. High-quality caustic soda will have a pH very close to 14.

Bottom Line

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