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Sodium Sulfide Uses

Commercial name: Sodium sulfide ( sodium sulphide )

Na2S CAS number: 1313-82-2

Chemical formula: Na2-S

UN number: 1849

Synonyms: Disodium monosulfide; Disodium sulfide; Sodium monosulfide; Sodium sulfuret; Sodium sulphide

Sodium Sulfide Use in Leather Tannery:
Tanneries begin the leather manufacturing process by ordering hides. These can weigh over 90 pounds and lay flat at about 50 square feet. However, the hide will still be shaped like the cow, and will probably have a few imperfections. The hair on the hide will need to be chemically removed prior to tanning. The hide may go through other processes to remove impurities and soften the skin so the tanning chemicals can be fully absorbed.

Sodium Sulfide is used in the first step: chemically destroys the hair on hides or skins. Sodium sulfur also will soften stiff leather. Yellow flakes of Sodium Sulfur (Sodium sulphide) 60% is recommended and iron content suggested below 30PPM. Due to the wasted water of tanning is very harmful for our health, Sodium sulphide ( Na2S ) with low iron content is the best choice for tanning industry.

Sodium Sulfide Use in Pulp and Paper Industry:
They use it in pulp and paper manufacturing companies in the process of kraft.

Sodium Sulphide Use in Mining Industry:
One of other main sodium sulfuret uses is in the process of ore flotation in mining companies. They use Na2S ( sulfur sodium ) ( sodium sulfur ) as an agent in the ore flotation process of Zinc, copper, iron, and other metal ores.

Na2S Application in Textile:
It is also a suitable reducing agent. The salt facilitates the absorption. Then, once the fabric is removed from the dye solution, it is allowed to stand in air whereupon the dye is regenerated by oxidation.

Sodium Sulphide Use in Water Treatment:
They also use Na2S in order to remove heavy metals from waste water through precipitation at normal or alkaline pH. Sulfide and ferrous ions perform together to reduce hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium to form a precipitate.

Other major sodium sulfide applications include as de-sulfurizing, bleaching and dyeing agent in sulfur dyes. They also use Sodium sulphide as the raw material for producing mining chemicals, detergent chemicals, pharmaceutical chemicals, and agricultural chemicals.

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