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What Is Paraffin?

Paraffin is an odorless colorless and tasteless hydrocarbon compound which is produced from petroleum derivatives. Some people think the only paraffin use is making candles, but there are many paraffin uses. Paraffin can be categorized in two types; paraffin wax ( solid paraffin ) and liquid paraffin ( white oil ). Paraffin wax ( solid paraffin ) is mainly used for candle and match making industries, while liquid paraffin ( white oil ) is mainly used in industrial, hygienic and pharmaceutical industries. In another aspect, paraffin uses are categorized in 3 types; food grade paraffin, industrial grade paraffin and pharmaceutical grade paraffin. Food grade paraffin is mainly used in husbandries in order to control the digestion of the livestock. It is also used for some humanitarian food products.

Paraffin wax ( solid paraffin ) and liquid paraffin ( white oil )are irreplaceable important raw materials in various industries such as textile, rubber, isolation, cosmetics, candles, matches, adhesives, and lubricants.

How to find out the quality of paraffin?

First of all, you should know the purpose of using paraffin, because the quality of paraffin is figured out as per the application of paraffin in the specific industry. For example, paraffin wax with lower oil content is considered to be high quality in candle making industries, but it is vice versa in lubrication industry.

Generally, the whiter the paraffin wax is, the higher quality the paraffin wax has comparing to milky or yellow pale-colored paraffin waxes. Also, availability of white crystal seeds in the inner layers of the paraffin shows the high quality of the product.

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